How Video Games Are Created – A Devlog Series of Making Games From Nothing!


”How Video Games Are Created” is my newest and most unique series, where I will be showing you guys the step by step process of exactly how I create games as an Indie Solo Developer in 2019.


The Randomly Selected Topic for this Game: Defense!


Devlog Episode 01

Devlog Ep 01

Episode Overview: [ Creating Base Character and Platforming Setup ]

Today’s episode was the most basic/unpolished video in the series, as we are left with only placeholder images, cameras, and backgrounds… but it is also one of the most important episodes, as we have came up with a base idea for the game to evolve over the next couple episodes and got our main character moving around and doing what he does best… BLOCKING!



Devlog Episode 02

Devlog 02

Episode Overview: [ Designing Characters & Stage Textures ]

– We created a second player character (the Wizard).

– Started implementing in the first actual Stage for the game (Magma Dungeon).

– Put in some particle effects and damage indicators.

– Finally, we attempted a basic projectile attack for the Soldier character.



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